What is Teeth Whitening?

You probably have seen ads and promotions for whitening teeth here and there, and you may have been having questions about what is teeth whitening. Modern teeth whitening is simply a technique or strategy used to lighten teeth while also removing stains or discoloration. Considered to be one of the most popular types of cosmetic […]

Understanding Composite Fillings

Often referred to as tooth colored fillings, composite fillings are often used today as an alternative when addressing cavities. They are unique because they provide good durability and long-term resistance to fractures. As a note, this type of filling is more appropriately used for small to midsize filling requirements. This is important to consider because […]

Teeth Whitening Without the Hassle

Absolutely no one enjoys having stained or discolored teeth in today’s appearance conscious world. That said, clearly, one of the best ways to achieve high quality teeth whitening is to consider having it done professionally by a dental care provider. Perhaps what is most unique about choosing to have whitening treatments done by a dentist […]