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Teeth Whitening

A person’s smile is very important. It is one of the first things we notice when meeting someone. First impression is very important in social as well as business settings. A dazzling white smile is one of many ingredients to success. It is one of many factors to self confidence. Here are a few sources of stain and darkened teeth:Teeth Whitening

  • Aging process. As we age teeth naturally darken over time.
  • Consumption of staining material such as tea, coffee, cola, red wines, etc
  • Smoking
  • Cavities/ decay of teeth.

Before you bleach or whiten, teeth that have been affected by cavities / decay must be restored. There are many over the counter whitening products available in the market however they can often lead to unsatisfactory results.

Professional Dental whitenings are comprised of basically two categories, in office bleaching and at home kits. With an in office bleaching a high strength bleaching solution is applied to teeth followed by it’s activation by a special light. The most popular being “Zoom”.
Professional at home kits contain a set of bleaching trays that are custom fabricated from molds of your teeth and syringes containing bleaching solution that you dispense into the bleaching trays which you then placed in your mouth over your teeth for 1-2 hours during the day or with a weaker solution that you can use overnight while sleeping. Contact your dentist in Pewaukee, Dr. Hamedi at Healthy Smile Dental Care today to learn more about teeth whitening.