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Porcelain Fixed Bridge

The basic concept of porcelain fixed bridges is that they are non-removable type appliances that offer an excellent alternative when it comes to replacing missing teeth. In essence, there are a fewPORCELAIN FIXED BRIDGE different kinds of bridges of this nature. There is the traditional bridge that is clearly the most popular today. This type of bridge is usually made of porcelain fused to metal and is durable and long lasting. The porcelain fixed bridge is considered the most popular today simply due to the fact that it most closely resembles the patient's natural teeth. The bridge itself is comprised of two crowns that go over two natural anchoring teeth.

The artificial tooth structure is then attached to these artificial teeth resulting in a natural looking smile. Essentially, this technique ends up filling the gap when a patient has a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. Most of today's modern dental bridges are incredibly durable and will last for years and even decades. That said there are instances where a dental bridge or porcelain fixed bridge may require replacement as a result of normal daily wear. A fixed bridge of this nature can help to maintain facial shape as well as restore a patient’s smile. It is highly effective at filling spaces between missing teeth and helps to prevent remaining teeth from moving out of place. Visit your Pewaukee dentist, Dr. Hamedi at Healthy Smile Dental Care today to learn more.