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Periodontics is essentially a unique branch of dentistry that involves the structures surrounding and supporting natural teeth.Periodontics This includes everything from the gums to bone as well as ligaments and other components. A periodontist is required to complete additional specialty training following the completion of dental school. They are well versed in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of gum disease and other types of periodontal disease. For example, the inflammation or bleeding of gums is typically associated with periodontal disease. This type of condition can result in teeth becoming loose and eventually falling out. As a result, a periodontist may be called in to treat gum disease as a way to improve dental health and overall health.

Keep in mind that in some cases periodontal disease may also have a direct effect on other parts of the body including the heart. Most importantly, regular dental cleanings that are designed to remove plaque and tartar can help prevent periodontal disease from ever developing. This combined with regular brushing and flossing can greatly reduce the chances of experiencing gum disease. A periodontist may employ a variety of different types of procedures as a way to restore the gums as well as other supporting structures associated with the teeth. This can include everything from bone surgery to bone grafting and even soft tissue grafting. Talk with your dental care professional in Pewaukee, Dr. Hamedi at Healthy Smiles Dental Care today to learn more.