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How to Properly Brush and Floss

The proper techniques for brushing and flossing can greatly improve oral health in patients of all ages. Understanding proper brushing technique involves using a toothbrush in the right way. How to Properly Brush and FlossThis includes positioning the toothbrush at approximately a 45° angle along the actual gum line. Next, move the toothbrush in a back-and-forth fashion and do the same for each individual tooth. It is also essential to make sure that the inside surface of each tooth is brushed thoroughly. This combined with brushing the chewing surface of each individual tooth can make a big difference in the final outcome. Dentists also recommend that you brush behind each tooth using the toothbrush tip. Finally, make sure that you brush your tongue as a way to remove bacteria that can cause odor.

When it comes to flossing, there are some simple techniques that are equally valuable. For example, typically speaking using about 24 inches of dental floss is a good place to begin. Securely wrap the floss around each end of the index finger and middle finger. Next, hold the floss tightly and carefully slide between each tooth. The next step is to form a C-shape and then slide the floss back and forth in a push and tug motion. Work the floss up and down along the side of each tooth for the best results. These are just a few simple techniques that are worth considering when it comes to proper brushing and flossing. The end result can be substantially improved dental health over the short and long-term. Contact your Pewaukee dentist, Dr. Hamedi at Healthy Smile Dental Care today to learn more.