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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns
Model of a crown and the tooth after being trimmed-prepared.

A crown (sometimes called a cap) is a dental restoration that completely covers a tooth and it is bonded to the tooth using a dental cement. It is made to protect a tooth from further damage and to restore it to its original shape and size. It improves the strength and appearance of a tooth.

Crowns can be fabricated from numerous types and combination of materials such as:

  • FCC (Full Cast Crown): which is a full metal crown. It can be made of gold or other dental alloys of varying costs.
  • PVC (Prcelain Veneered Crown): Porcelain is baked on top of a dental alloy in an attempt to make a crown look more natural.
  • CSC (Ceramic Substrate Crown): A crown that is made entirely of ceramics. It is most natural looking and cosmetic type of crown.

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