Why Dental Implants Make Good Sense Today

There was a time when tooth loss was a difficult problem to deal with in terms of replacing missing teeth. However, times have changed and now patients have the choice of dental implants as aWhy Dental Implants Make Good Sense Today smart and effective replacement for teeth that have gone missing for one reason or another. Whether teeth have been lost because of disease, injury or old age, dental implants are a smart and long-lasting way to create a better looking smile and improve functionality overall [1].

Those With Advanced Stages of Bone Loss

Those With Advanced Stages of Bone LossIn addition, dental implants are the smart choice simply because they prevent continued bone loss within the jaw. Keep in mind that the longer that a patient waits to get an implant, the more bone loss will ultimately occur in the region of the jaw. Those with advanced stages of bone loss may actually require a bone graft in order to replace missing bone so that a dental implant may be installed at a later time. This should be a wake-up call letting you know that if you have tooth loss it is imperative to meet with your dental care provider to discuss the option of dental implants [2]. Sooner is always better than later when it comes to having dental implants placed.Other Teeth Will Suffer From Adjacent Tooth Loss

Other Teeth Will Suffer From Adjacent Tooth Loss

Another concern with regard to waiting when it comes to dental implants is that adjacent teeth may become damaged, shift or move out of alignment if some type of replacement tooth is not placed. The more time that passes, the more likely it is that other teeth will suffer from adjacent tooth loss. Ultimately, waiting to have dental implants placed will lead to additional problems that could have otherwise been avoided [3]. Saving money and reducing pain as well as the inconvenience of time-consuming procedures can be as easy as talking with your dentist in Pewaukee, Dr. Hamedi at Healthy Smiles Dental Care about the many benefits of having dental implants placed.


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